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Sustainable Energy Seminar
Sustainable Energy Seminar
Biweekly seminar series from Wisconsin Energy Institute
Session titles will be updated periodically

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- Sep. 13: "Beyond low-inertia systems: grid-forming control for converter-dominated power systems" - Dominic Gross, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

- Sep. 27: "Advances and Challenges in Enhanced Geothermal Systems: Nondestructive Tools to Understand the Subsurface" - Jesse Hampton, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

-Oct. 11: "Technologies for Production of Liquid Fuels from Biomass" - George Huber, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

- Oct. 25: "Grasslands for bioenergy and ecosystem health" - Randy Jackson, Professor, Agronomy

- Nov. 8: "Advanced Semiconductor-Electrocatalyst Systems for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen and Oxygen Production in Microgravity Environment" - Katharina Brinkert, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, University of Warwick

- Nov. 22: Leah Horowitz, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Civil Society and Community Studies (Topic: Indigenous resistance to oil and gas development)

- Dec. 6: "Politicization and Polarization in 30 years of Climate Change News" - Sedona Chinn, Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Communication
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